Cell Separation

Gentle cell separation that reduces cross contamination while maintaining high yields.

Separating adherent cells for harvest from debris during (continuous processing) or after upstream bioprocessing while keeping the system closed and sterile can be challenging. There are several open and closed systems that require various hardware, many user manipulations, and could potentially yield low recoveries.

Our microcarrier and cell separation system separates microcarrier beads from cell debris and virus found in the cell culture supernatant in a one-step, closed system. Our separation system reduces cross contamination concerns while maintaining high yields. Being a single-use product, users can eliminate some clean-in-place, steam-in-place, and water usage requirements, maintenance and process validations, cycle times, and manual decanting.

We offer a variety of single-use products including bag assemblies, custom tube sets and manifolds, and filters, for use in many different cell separation processes. We can configure these to fit your existing process, and provide unit operation design expertise to assure performance, quality, and timely delivery.