RNA and DNA Solutions

Our oligonucleotide products can be used in very high tech and fast-growing diagnostic applications like genetic and forensic test kits.

Nucleotides are the nucleic acid building blocks found in double-stranded DNA and single-stranded RNA macromolecules that carry essential genetic instructions for biological functions like protein synthesis. Like monomers in a polymer, the different nucleotide units can be assembled into sequences; short chain oligomer sequences are referred to as oligonucleotides.

Oligonucleotide sequences can be engineered to match a complementary segment of DNA, for example to inhibit the expression of a gene. By blocking transcription, translation, or other gene expression and ultimately blocking protein synthesis, different pharmacological effects can be achieved, such as inhibiting a defective gene that could manifest and present as cancer.

The engineered oligonucleotide sequences are constructed and functionalized using our linking agents like phosphitylating or phosphorylating compounds. Formulated drug compounds built with oligonucleotides can be used in therapeutics where they are introduced into the body and can inhibit gene expression or provoke a biological response at the cellular level.