Small Molecule

High-purity compounds including ligands, catalysts, and other advanced intermediates for pharmaceutical production

Our specialty chemicals are critical for pharmaceutical applications since many small molecule drugs have multiple ring-shaped structures with functional groups and moieties at precise locations in precise positions relative to each other. Like a mirror image there are “left-handed” and “right-handed” versions of these molecules, which would be impossible to separate after a reaction. Pharmaceutical customers need technologies to enable stereo-selective reactions to manufacture advanced and novel therapeutic compounds. 

Managing that chirality during pharma synthesis is critical to ensure the final drug products can produce the necessary pharmacological effect – for example, induce the proper biochemical changes in the body at the correct therapeutic dose. Our chiral ligands are used to enable the accurate creation of highly specialized compounds. 

We offer custom development and manufacturing of your proprietary pharmaceutical innovations including ligands, catalysts, and advanced intermediaries as well. We also support other specialty diagnostic applications like reagents for analytical laboratories, which is part of our IsoSciences portfolio. Please contact us with your requirements.