Providing high purity, closed systems solutions for cell growth.

Growing cells is an art form based in science. Reducing points where contamination can enter the system is vital to getting lifesaving medicines to the patient in a timely manner. We provide a closed system from cultivation to expansion of cells, allowing you to focus on high expression instead of starting over due to contamination. 

Our single-use solutions support  both fed batch and continuous bioprocessing for mAbs, vaccines, bioconjugates, cell therapies, and gene therapies. We can customize them to fit into any bioprocess including cell growth, separation, mixing, and storage. We combine product innovation and quick-turn response to deliver critical solutions for your upstream and downstream operations. Our comprehensive set of bag solutions, bioreactors, mixing systems, microcarrier separation systems and particle characterization technologies help you meet the stringent QC and regulatory requirements of single-use bioprocessing applications.