Cell and Gene Therapy

Cell and gene therapy is revolutionizing medicine as we know it. When saving people lives and curing diseases it is important to reduce risk. Every patient sample is invaluable and if it is contaminated or lost there can be severe consequences. We have the solutions and supply chain to support these cutting-edge medical treatments.

With industry-leading turnaround times, we deliver high-performing, inert, and low E&L solutions for single-use and full-scale processes. Our comprehensive set of bag solutions, motion bioreactor bags, mixing systems, and microcarrier cell and separation systems meets emerging requirements of fast-growing, single-use bioprocessing applications. We offer highly-customized process solutions that can be delivered with speed to meet tight development timelines. We also provide a complete line of accessories, tubing, fittings, and related products to fill any company's cell and gene therapy needs.

Many cell and gene therapy treatments require repeated freezing and thawing during production, storage, and delivery. Aramus™ single-use assemblies are ideal for protecting and optimizing the cold-chain freeze/thaw processes for these precious treatments. Through our 2D bag material selection, designs, and secondary protective shells, Aramus assemblies can substantially reduce the risks associated with cell and gene therapy storage and transport.