New biopharmaceutical drug products that alter and even save lives can be very profitable for their developers. They are, however, costly to develop and represent significant investment, particularly at the end of the manufacturing process. For this reason, safe cost-effective frozen storage and transport are critical, especially as drugs transition from R&D through clinical trial and to higher volume production.

Transitioning to more efficient, cost-effective, single-use solutions can help biopharmaceutical manufacturers hit performance targets at high yields.

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Mike Johnson | Director R&D Engineering
Entegris, Inc. 

Member, ASME-BioProcess Equipment (BPE) Standard Executive Committee
Chair, ASME-BPE Polymer Materials Subcommittee
Advisory Board Member, University of Minnesota Nano Center

Mike Johnson joined Entegris in March 1996 as a project engineer and entered his current role as Director of R&D Engineering in early 2019. His primary responsibilities include leading, directing, and coordinating research and development activities associated with high-purity liquid packaging solutions for the semiconductor and life sciences industries.

Over the last 20+ years, Mike has held various positions at Entegris including project engineer, application engineer, and global product marketing manager. Through these roles he has established himself as a subject matter expert on high-purity fluid handling of critical process fluids. 

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Johannes Kirchmair | CEO/founder
Single Use Support GmbH

Johannes Kirchmair spent 15 years as a process and business development manager in the single-use industry. As part of BPSA, ASTM, and Dechema working groups, he is well versed in the industry challenges surrounding freezing and cryo processes.

In 2015, he co-founded Single Use Support GmbH (SUSupport) in Austria. SUSupport developed a helium-based integrity test machine for point-of-use testing single-use bags, as well as a number of technologies that allow clients to reduce product loss during freeze/thaw processes to 0%. SUSupport’s mission is to improve single-use bag technology to maintain drug integrity and increase patient safety.