We have two great sessions with expert Q&A to follow each.

High-density Cell Banking Webinar:


How Fluoropolymer Single-Use Bags Shorten Seed Train Processes

Learn how high-density cell banking can shorten the seed training process from weeks to days!

Get insight on how High-density cell banking accelerates the upstream process by providing a much larger volume of concentrated cells at the start of a production run. This innovative process eliminates many of the labor intensive and risky approaches currently used by most bioprocessing labs.

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high-density cell banking webinar spotlight

Low-Temperature Solutions for Bioprocess Applications Webinar:


Bag Assemblies designed for Freeze/Ship/Thaw Processes

In this webinar, we discuss the needs and changing requirements of standard equipment and processes to handle lower temperatures. 

We address the concerns of development laboratories, contract manufacturing organizations (CMOs), and contract research organizations (CROs) and explains several factors they should consider when expanding operations and selecting single-use systems for cold-chain bioprocessing. 

Low-Temperature Bioprocessing webinar image