Reliable freezing solutions for your valuable products

Freezing cells and biopharmaceuticals is a critical operation in the production of bulk drug substance (BDS) and active pharmaceutical ingredients (API). In today's production of biologic products, we are facing far more costs, logistics, speed, and complexity pressures than in the past.

The increasing value of products in each container requires more steps to produce, often working with difficult cells or extraction processes. Production has been contracted out or may be taking place in different parts of the country or globe. 

There is a wide variety of equipment used to freeze and thaw cells and biologic products. Single-use products provide more configurable options to adapt to the equipment and stability requirements to safely store and ship product. Stable storage and shipping today often requires temperatures -80°C (-112°F) or colder. At low temperatures, traditional containers have considerable limitations. 

We carry a variety of customizable products compatible with low-temperature operations, like Aramus™ single-use bag assemblies. Aramus assemblies are ideal for cold-chain collection and storage, as well as high-density cell banking (HDCB). Our single-layer fluoropolymer provides gamma stability with low extractables and leachables (E&L) and has a wide operating temperature range. Our bag assemblies, tubing, and connectors are adaptable to a number of single-use system (SUS) configurations, making Aramus single-use bag assemblies a flexible and dependable choice for cold bioprocessing applications. We also offer a range of accessory products such as storage cassettes and shells, and tube sets and manifolds to make your freeze thaw process more flexible, secure, and efficient.