Our single-use solutions are customizable to fit into any bioprocess including separation, mixing, and storage. 

We combine product innovation and quick-turn response to deliver critical solutions for your downstream operations. Our comprehensive set of bag solutions, mixing systems, and particle counting technologies meet the emerging requirements of single-use bioprocessing applications. We also provide a complete line of accessories, tubing, fittings, and related products to fill any company's bioprocessing needs. 

When the drug substance is ready to freeze down, we provide Aramus™ single-use bag assemblies, the industry-leading solution for cold chain collection and storage. Our single-layer fluoropolymer provides gamma stability with low extractables and leachables (E&L), and has a wide operating temperature range. Aramus bags protect your high-value fluids by reducing the risk of product loss, contamination, or compromised quality. Ship the product as needed to complete your fill finish operations.