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Learn about our organophosphorous, organosilanes, and other specialty chemicals used in the production of pharmaceuticals, electronics, biomedical devices, chromatography intermediates, and adhesives. Our best-in-class chemical competencies include unique monomers and polymers, organosilicon compounds, methacrylates, and stable isotope labeling.  

We also offer specialty ligands and catalysts used to make small molecule drugs and phosphorylating reagents for oligonucleotides in pharmaceutical and diagnostics applications. Our custom synthesis services can be tailored to your exact specification.

For decades we have been providing quality fluid management solutions to the semiconductor and chemical processing industries. With this expertise we offer nonmetallic solutions that meet the needs of biopharmaceutical as well as bulk and finishing pharmaceutical industries, specifically for steam-in-place (SIP) and clean-in-place (CIP) applications.

Subvisible particle detection is a key challenge faced by companies devel­oping and manufacturing parenteral drugs. Our particle characterization solutions enable customers to perform single or automated tests on parenteral drugs following USP <788>, therapeutic proteins per USP <787>, ophthalmic solutions per USP <789>, and liquid emulsion per USP <729>.

Supporting Campaigns

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