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Our 50+ years of proven materials science experience in the most demanding industries allows us to easily become a strategic partner by applying our expertise to develop the cleanest, most scalable, and most reliable solutions to reduce your validation time, development costs, and time to market.

We combine product innovation with quick-turn customization to deliver critical solutions for your upstream and downstream needs. Our comprehensive set of bag solutions, bioreactors, mixing systems, and microcarrier separation systems meet the emerging requirements of fast-growing, single-use bioprocessing applications.

For CDMOs, biopharmaceutical and pharmaceutical manufacturers, we are playing a crucial supporting role in their efforts to develop and manufacture vaccine therapies for the COVID-19 virus. We are committed to remaining a strong partner and as such, have dedicated ourselves to maintaining critical operations by relying on our business continuity plans and leveraging trusted supply partners.Join us at booth 745 to learn more.

Supporting Campaigns

Single-Use Solutions for Bioprocessing

Our single-use solutions are customizable to fit into any bioprocess including cell growth, separation, mixing, and storage. We combine product innovation and quick-turn response to deliver critical solutions for your upstream and downstream operations.

Cold Chain Bioprocessing

Cold Chain Bioprocessing explains how Entegris can navigate new distribution environments with flexible designs.

High-Density Cell Banking

High-Density Cell Banking examines how you can shorten the seed train by several weeks.